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The number 1 trait that a marketer has to have

For more than 15 years, I have had the wonderful privilege of working alongside the University of Newcastle in nurturing marketing talent. Initially with the Lucy Program, focused on third year female students, and more recently with the work integrated learning program at the Business School.

Every university semester, we have students join our team at Fresh Marketing to understand what working in a marketing agency is all about. We encourage them to jump in and learn about our clients’ business and positively impact active projects that are happening at the time.

We are constantly asked, what is the one trait that I need to be a successful marketer.

At Fresh Marketing, we recruit based on tenacity.

Tenacity /tɪˈnasɪti/  the quality or fact of being very determined; determination.

When recruiting for our team, we look for individuals who are passionate to achieve, filled with persistence, perseverance and determination to deliver against their goals. The type of people who are not satisfied until the job is completed and completed in a way that they are happy with.

Individuals with a tenacious approach demonstrate a passion to learn and grow. In a team where there are new opportunities to support our clients each and every day, we look for tenacious individuals who relish in uncertainty and have a determined approach to deliver their best.