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Why Newcastle?

I have been fortunate for the past 20 years to live and work from Newcastle. My husband and I made the move to Newcastle in 2001, when Sydney traffic seemed to be getting out of control (little did we know how bad it could get), finding a park at Coogee Beach took an hour and Sydney house prices seemed to be out of our reach. We wanted to live near the beach, but still not lose touch with Sydney.

For 14 years, I worked for international companies whilst being based in Newcastle. I travelled the world with some amazing businesses and learnt that it could be done whilst living in Newcastle. (well before the invention of zoom) Yes, there were times when you cursed the drive up the F3 after a long day in Sydney, but living in Newcastle seemed to make it all worthwhile.

When I decided to move out of the corporate world, it was only natural for me to set up Fresh Marketing in Newcastle. Our first clients were people who knew me from my days in the corporate world and knew that good work could be done from any location.

We love being based in Newcastle. Our team get to work with clients all over Australia and the world whilst living in an amazing part of the world. We actually now see our Newcastle location as a distinct competitive advantage. We can be nimble, flexible and cost-effective by being based in Newcastle, plus we don’t spend hours sitting in traffic commuting to the office.

But if you need us in another part of the world, you don’t have to ask twice. We will be there and we will bring the coffee too!